Tall Oaks Campground sells firewood!

The state of Pennsylvania prohibits the movement of all types of firewood into the state from out-of-state sources, except for heat-treated, kiln-dried, and/or USDA certified firewood.

Within Pennsylvania, over 33 counties are under quarantine due to the harmful tree pest known as spotted lanternfly. As a result, firewood and other outdoor items should not be moved out of these counties; if necessary, complete this checklist to comply with quarantine requirements.

Regardless of the county you are in, Pennsylvania state authorities agree it is best to buy firewood near where you’ll burn it, buy certified heat-treated firewood, or gather firewood on site when permitted. The Pennsylvania Department of Natural Resources has issued a statewide park advisory with the following firewood recommendations:

  • Buy and burn locally cut firewood (preferably within 25 miles)
  • BURN ALL firewood brought from another area
  • Encourage friends and neighbors not to move firewood
  • Do NOT remove firewood from a spotted lanternfly quarantine area
  • Further restrictions on the movement or use of firewood in Pennsylvania vary across land, park, and campground authorities. For example, it is prohibited to bring outside firewood into Allegheny National Forest or the campgrounds of the Delaware Water Gap. To ensure you are in compliance with local firewood regulations, please inquire about any rules in your specific area or destination.

This summary is accurate to the best our knowledge as of 24 January 2022.