Camping Rates

Tents, RVs and Van Life Sites

Tent Site:  $16 / per person/ per night

We have a selection of large unique heavily wooded camp sites.  There is not a minimum fee for our standard camp sites, you pay a flat per person fee of $16 per person, per night.  Standard campsites usually accommodate up to 6 persons. Due to the unique nature of our campground there are some standard sites that accommodate up to 10 people.  If you have more than 10 people camping together, you will need to reserve a group site.

You may reserve your camp site one of two ways:

  1. If you are a previous customer and have a favorite site, follow the reservation link and select your site number.
  2. If you would like to reserve the best available site for your stay, follow the reservation link and reserve the service item ” Per Person nightly Camping” and enter the number of people in your group and the nights that you will be staying with us.

Van Life / Electric Tent sites: $22 for the first person, $16 for each additional person up to a 6 people maximum per site.

These sites are a tad smaller than a traditional RV site, with more trees and 110 amp electric, designed with modern camper vans in mind.  These sites pull in sites and are not recommended for large RV’s.  Tent camping is allowed on these sites, there is limit of 2 cars per site when tent camping.

If you would like to stay a week or longer, please contact our reservations office by phone at 800-272-4141

Group sites: $16 per person, sites have a varying minimum number of people/fee based on the size of the site

There is a large variety of group site sizes available. Our largest group sites can accommodate up to 75 people, the largest sites are located in the “Field Area” of the campground.  There are also a number of group sites that can accommodate 7-30 people that are located throughout the campground.  If you would like to book a group site, note the minimum number of people that each site requires.  You may camp there with a smaller group but the minimum fee will apply.  If you are unfamiliar with our group sites and would like to determine which would be best for your group, please call our office at 800-272-4141

RV Sites: $45 for the first two people, then $16 for each additional person (6 people max). Kids camp for $8

Our RV sites are large, pull-through sites that can accommodate up to 40-foot RVs. These sites have 110/ 30 amp electric hookups and water.

Call to reserve a pavilion – 800-272-4141

Pavilion rental: $75 for campers / $100 for non-campers (avalable from 9am – 5pm)

Our pavilions are spacious and wooded, the perfect place for your family and friends to gather for a great day in nature. Available for both campers and non-campers, you’ll have access to a covered pavilion with picnic tables, a bathroom, and a fire pit with a grill for hot dogs. There’s plenty of room for a birthday party, graduation or retirement get-together!

Call to reserve RV storage – 800-272-4141

RV Storage: In-season daily storage is $3 a day, and off season storage is $20 a month. Very limited availability!